Tequila Corralejo Australia

Corralejo Tequila believes that all of Australia should take a share in the classic taste of this beautiful tequila.

Corralejo Tequila Australia would like to bring a new face of tequila to the block; not only for parties, but for the enjoyment of the taste and texture of tequila.

Sit back and appreciate the true taste of Mexico.

What's happening

Check out what the Tequila Corralejo Australia team are up to in your area! 
Join us for some amazingly tasty tequila pairing events or just head over for a chat with one of our tequila connoisseurs. 

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P&O Food and Wine Cruise

Presentations and seminars from food and wine personalities are what make our gourmet P&O SeaBreaks such an unforgettable experience.

You might learn about the finer details of wine or find out how cheese is matured. Discover how to make the perfect coffee or mix your favourite drink at a cocktail making demonstration. Come evening, wind down listening to live music in one of the many onboard venues.