Tequila Corralejo Australia

Corralejo Tequila believes that all of Australia should take a share in the classic taste of this beautiful tequila.

Corralejo Tequila Australia would like to bring a new face of tequila to the block; not only for parties, but for the enjoyment of the taste and texture of tequila.

Sit back and appreciate the true taste of Mexico.

“Not all tequilas are created equal”


Several years ago, John Wood, owner and director of Tequila Corralejo Australia travelled to Mexico for his 40th birthday.  Having grown up a stone’s throw across the border in San Diego, California and spending a lot of time camping, surfing, eating and drinking tequila in Baja, Mexico, this trip was somewhat of a sentimental homecoming.  One evening on the beach in Mexico, John was reunited with the distinctive Corralejo Reposado tequila.  After sharing a few drinks amongst friends (now amigos) he decided that he had to bring this tequila back to Australia and spread the word about what a good tequila should taste like.

“Since moving to Australia, it has been difficult to find high quality tequilas and delicious fresh lime margaritas. For me, this range of tequila is very nostalgic.  I have never forgotten how smooth Corralejo tequila is and easy to sip.  Not all tequilas are created equally.  I find great satisfaction in being able to share a real tequila that tastes fantastic – definitely not the stuff you find in your regular salt and lime tequila slammers."

Hacienda Corralejo was founded by Don Pedro Sanchez de Tagle, a descendant of the Spanish king, who bought the land in 1770. In 1775 Hacienda Corralejo was built and established as a blue agave farm and tequila distillery. The Sanchez de Tagle family purchased an Alembic still from Spain and began to distil Vino de Mezcal (mezcal wine). The Alembic still was invented by the Arabs and is used to distil alcohol by the evaporative method.

In 1994 the current owner, Don Leonardo Rodriguez, reinvented the Tequila Corralejo brand, renovating the Hacienda and revisioning the ‘Blue Dream’; bringing back sophistication to tequila drinking.

The Tequila Corralejo Distillery is located near Penjamo, Guanajuato and welcomes guests and tours.  Tequila Corralejo has its own estate grown agaves just down the road from the distillery.  There are two additional fields, one located in Jalisco and the other Guanajuato.


Blue Agave is the base ingredient of tequila. Unlike wines and other spirits that are produced year-round, tequila is made on an 8-year cycle, which is the natural lifecycle for the hearts of the blue agave to reach maturity. An average mature heart weighs 60kg and will yield 7L of agave nectar, or aguamiel, which is then fermented and distilled. There are more than 45 million blue Webber agaves growing in Jalisco and surrounding states.