Tequila Corralejo Australia

Corralejo Tequila believes that all of Australia should take a share in the classic taste of this beautiful tequila.

Corralejo Tequila Australia would like to bring a new face of tequila to the block; not only for parties, but for the enjoyment of the taste and texture of tequila.

Sit back and appreciate the true taste of Mexico.


Tequila Corralejo Australia is excited to announce a range of premium tequilas now available for sale in Australia.  The family consists of five tequilas, including a coffee liqueur.  The range includes several gold medal winners from the San Francisco World Spirits Competitions and are easily recognised by their tall, slender bottles and striking colours. 

The Blanco comes in a clear bottle, the Reposado in cobalt blue and the Anejo in a bold red.  The Gran Corralejo Anejo comes in a hand blown, crown shaped bottle and is the envy of every Anejo fan.  The coffee liqueur comes in a clear bottles with gold trim.  They are a beautiful range and would be a great addition to any tequila enthusiast's bar collection.

All of the Corralejo range is now available on Dan Murphy's online store.
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