Tequila Corralejo Australia

Corralejo Tequila believes that all of Australia should take a share in the classic taste of this beautiful tequila.

Corralejo Tequila Australia would like to bring a new face of tequila to the block; not only for parties, but for the enjoyment of the taste and texture of tequila.

Sit back and appreciate the true taste of Mexico.

Meet the corralejo team

JW photo.jpg

john wood

Founder and tequila lover, John is highly passionate about all things agave. Originally hailing from the United States, he felt Australia deserved a small piece of heaven in the form of his favourite tequila brand, Corralejo.
John is partial to the fiery, original flavours of Corralejo Blanco.


Celeste wood
accounts & Administration

Celeste, daughter of John and Teah, and is responsible for a lot of the back-end side of things.
She loves tequila almost as much as John, but prefers the sweeter, smoother taste of Corralejo Reposado.

TW photo.jpg

teah wood
office manager

John and Teah are a husband and wife team. "They say behind every great man, there is a woman organising everything."
Teah is the office manager for Tequila Corralejo Australia and a bit of a tequila connoisseur herself; she prefers Corralejo Anejo for it's rich and endless flavours.


eduardo gallifa
Melbourne sales manager

Eduardo originally hails from Mexico, the home of the world's finest spirit, and continues to supply his favourite drink to some of Melbourne's best bars and restaurants.
Eduardo prefers a delicious Anejo but enjoys all tequila overall. 


Sam Benetatos
Sydney Sales representative

Sam is Sydney's Corralejo representative as well as the bar manager of Sydney's own Barrio Cellar! 
Sam appreciates all things tequila and is eager to share the delightful, original taste of Corralejo with Sydney.
Sam prefers the original, peppery tastes of Blanco, as that is tequila in it's purest form.

CJ photo 1.jpg

conner wood
Sales assistant/Photographer

Conner is the son of John & Teah, and has grown up surrounded by, and loving, the Mexican culture. He has a firm appreciation for the smooth taste of Corralejo and is partial to exquisite taste of aged Gran Anejo.